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SDC congratulates courageous Swazis

18 March 2011
Swaziland Democracy Campaign -

The Swaziland Democracy Campaign (SDC) congratulates all those courageous Swazis who have gathered in their tens of thousands in a historic protest despite the threats and intimidation of the police and armed forces. One of the largest protest marches of recent times, composed of trade unionists, students, community and faith based organisations has besieged the Prime Minister’s residence demanding that he resign with immediate effect, and that the government as a whole acknowledge that it is incapable of resolving the current crisis and that only a democratic Swaziland can do so.

There is no doubt that the Swazi people, for years cowed by systematic harassment and intimidation, and the undemocratic decision making of the royal elite, have been inspired by the democracy campaigns in Egypt and elsewhere, and have understood the importance of mass democratic action to change things for the better. They are no longer prepared to allow themselves to be the willing victims of a wasteful and greedy regime, while the majority of the population live in chronic poverty with little prospect of living a decent life.

In the light of these historic events, Swaziland Democracy Campaign chapters in Swaziland and in South Africa will redouble their efforts to mobilise support for democratic change, and to persuade Governments in the region to cut off all diplomatic links with this illegal and barbarous regime. Anything less will be a shameful betrayal of the democratic aspiration of the Swazi people.

The South African Chapter of the SDC calls upon all those who support the need for democratic change in Swaziland to come to a special picket outside the Swaziland Consul in Braamfontein on Thursday 24 March from 12.00 – 2.00pm.

For further comment contact the SDC co-ordinator Stephen Faulkner on 082 817 5455

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