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Civil society groups condemn renewed threat to demolish Port Harcourt waterfront Communities

27 January 2010
Social Action -

In their bid to ensure that citizens right to decent housing and the right to work and earn a living are not arbitrarily abused by a government that was supposed to protect and provide for the needs of the people, Social Action Nigeria, working in concert with civil society groups and community people, condemn the recent threat by the Governor of Rivers State to continue demolition exercise in Port Harcourt and call on the Rivers State government to stop further displacement of the poor waterfront residents until proper data are taken and alternative accommodation provided for them.

The group is calling for a suspension of further demolitions and forced evictions until participatory and transparent measures are taken to provide alternative housing for over two hundred thousand1 residents of 41 Waterfront communities in Port Harcourt, which have been home to millions of junior civil servants, fishers, artisans and casualised workers in the expensive oil city.

The group recalled bitterly that the government of Rivers state has in the past, under the leadership of Dr Peter Odili as Governor and Rotimi Amaechi (the present Governor of Rivers state) as Speaker, deceived and displaced the people of Rainbow town under the pretext of reconstruction and building of low cost housing for the evicted residents, only to give out the land to the rich and powerful in Nigeria.

Speaking further, Celestine AkpoBari, Programme Officer of Social Action, condemns a situation where last year, unarmed citizens were either murdered or forcefully evicted with armoured tanks and trucks loaded with military personnel, saying that Demolition of Njemanze Waterfront and the October 12 killing at Bundu water front were carried out without any regard to several International Human Rights covenants such as the Habitat Agenda Commitment which Nigeria is a state party to. “By international human rights standards, people affected by demolitions have the right to procedural protection, including genuine consultation, adequate compensation and proper notice”, he said.

According to Celestine AkpoBari, it is also worrisome that importers of refined petroleum products have started building tank farms within Abonema Wharf community. Continuing, he said “Petroleum product is highly inflammable and should not be brought close to living homes as we now witness at Abonema Wharf community. He thereby call for immediate relocation of the said tank farms and fuel tankers that litter the streets and every corner of the waterfront.

The groups is concerned that apart from the gross disobedience to an existing court order, Government did not take all appropriate measures to the maximum of its available resources to ensure that, before carrying out any demolition, adequate alternative accommodation was provided for all those that are likely to be displaced as recommended by international human rights conventions.

Media Contacts: Celestine AkpoBari (08032733965) - Social Action - 33, Oromineke Lane - D-Line, Port Harcourt - Nigeria

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