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CONCORD statement on Council Conclusions on Supporting developing countries in coping with the crisis

19 May 2009

Ministers gathered in Brussels for the General Affairs and External Relations Council meeting have now adopted council conclusions on provision of EU support to developing countries in coping with the global and economic financial crisis.

The EU has reaffirmed its commitment to achieve its ODA targets, but does not require Member States to meet the crucial individual targets, making it increasingly difficult to hold European governments to account over their development promises. Although the individual member state level commitments are referenced in a footnote, the lack of mention to these targets in the actual text reflects a weak and disappointing commitment on the part of member states with regards to hard won promises on aid. CONCORD welcomes that the EU encourages MS to work on national timetables, however it is also a strong sign of inadequate EU-wide commitment that MS are asked to work on these only by the end of 2010, by which point, the timeframe for having set out plans for meeting the crucial 2010 commitments will have passed. Although the conclusions emphasise the importance of continued efforts, nowhere does the EU recognise the threat posted to future aid budgets by the recently announced 2009 aid cuts, signalling a dangerous trend amongst EU donors.

CONCORD welcomes the EU’s emphasis on mobilising all possible sources of financing for coping with the crisis in developing countries, however, the “whole of union” approach dealt with in the conclusions covers a long list of sources including export credits, investment guarantees, technology transfers, research and technology, peace and security, migration, renewable energies and climate change, many of which are welcome sources of financing, but none of which are guaranteed to deliver on poverty reduction. This language is extremely worrying since it expands the definition of development by including flows which in the past have delivered very little in reducing poverty and helping those in need, and may even impact negatively on development through conflating poverty reduction objectives with other EU government driven motivations. Neither do the conclusions recognize the negative impact of other EU policies such as those which facilitate capital flight and unfair tax practices on developing countries as part of this new and widened “whole of union” approach to development. CONCORD calls on the EU to instead commit to using a clear Policy Coherence for Development framework which assesses the full impact of all European Union policies on developing countries.

CONCORD also calls on the Commission to review its commitments, discussed in the Council conclusions, to make use of the European Investment Bank in leveraging additional sources for development, given its historical lack of focus on poverty reduction, and its questionable capacities and expertise for achieving development objectives.

European NGOs welcome member states’ recognition of the importance of the fight against illicit capital flight including tax evasion and fraud building on the Doha Declaration and G20 summits, but call on the EU to agree stronger, European wide commitments on reform to the international tax system, and immediately set out how they will take forward the commitments agreed at Doha and the G20 summit by producing monitorable implementation plans at the EU and Member State levels. We also strongly urge the EU not reinforce the legacy of harmful policy conditionality, by imposing new conditionalities in the area of tax reform in developing countries.

CONCORD is extremely disappointed to note that climate change is barely mentioned in these council conclusions, placing considerable questions on how seriously the EU is taking the issue of climate change and development. We call on the EU Heads of State meeting next month to commit to (a) taking responsibility for financing approximately one third of the global financing costs needed, and (b) financing mechanisms that will ensure secure, sufficient, accessible, additional financing for climate action in developing countries. EU MS should also indicate in the conclusions concrete figures on what will be provided.

CONCORD welcomes the EU’s contribution to the UN conference on World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development (New York, 1-3 June 2009) through its April Communication and council conclusions on supporting to developing countries in coping with the global and economic financial crisis. It is crucial that at this conference, the EU takes a strong leadership position, and confirms its support for the proposed UN Global Economic Coordination Council to oversee reforms to the international financial an economic system.

CONCORD calls on EU governments to show genuine EU leadership on the development agenda by using forthcoming meetings of Finance Ministers and Heads of State to address these concerns and enhance their commitment to both meeting their existing aid promises and genuinely assisting through reform to aid architecture and the international financial and economic system. CONCORD also calls on all EU member states to ensure there is high level representation at the UN conference on World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development.

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