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EPA Days of Action Marked in Ghana

27 September 2006
Third World Network Africa -

Hundreds of civil activists staged a demonstration in Central Accra in protest against the free trade Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) currently being negotiated between today the European Union (EU) and the six sub-regions that make up the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of developing countries.

The protesters ranged from members of the Ghana Trades Union Congress, the umbrella organization for the main national trade unions in Ghana, networks of peasant farmers’ cooperatives, the Ghana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU), college students, and prominent Trade Justice ngo organizations such as Third World Network Africa, Action Aid and the FoodSpan network on food security and rural livelihoods.

The lively demonstration was part of a global "Stop EPAs" Day of Action organized by the campaigners in Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific and Europe. They describe the EPAs as "Free Trade Agreements" that are "WTO-plus" in the sense that the scope of liberalization is broader and deeper than even those onerous obligations that poor countries have to contend with in the WTO.

In Ghana, campaigners have dedicated the whole week to intensified campaign activities against the EPAs. Apart from the demonstration, there have been rallies, teach-ins and public forums, including a huge forum of market women, against the EPAs and the neo-liberal economic globalization agenda more generally.

The protesters, carrying placards some of which read EPA= European Power over Africa, Stop EPAs now, EPA=Economic Poverty in Africa, handed over a resolution to ‘Stop the EPA Free Trade Agreements’ to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and to the Ghanaian Parliament. The resolution denounced EU demands in the EPAs for binding rules on Investment, Competition policy, Government Procurement, and Services Liberalisation - the same menu of Singapore Issues and the GATS that have been rejected in the WTO and have made the latter a central target of the global justice movement. The EPAs are likely to reintroduce these at the bilateral and regional levels, and in forms that are even more inimical to fighting poverty and promoting development.

Like their counterparts across the ACP, and with wide and growing support from European citizens’ organizations, the Ghanaian trade justice activists are also demanding an alternative EU-ACP trade cooperation based, inter alia, on non-reciprocity and special and differential treatment for ACP countries; and, the defense of the sovereign autonomy of ACP countries to democratically define and pursue their own development strategies.

For more information, contact African Trade Network, c\o TWN-Africa. Tel: + 233 21-511188, 503669.

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