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Statement on Zambia’s 2006 Tripartite Elections

1 October 2006
Civil Society for Poverty Reduction - Zambia (CSPR) -

As an antipoverty advocacy Network of over 130 civil society organisations from different parts of the country, whose vision is ‘A Zambia in which all its citizens enjoy all basic needs’, we urge the electorate and those desiring to be elected, to keep in mind the following 6 critical issues as we vote in a new Government.

1. All Zambians must ensure that their decisions are driven by the need to have uncompromised people driven and centred development in Zambia.

2. People centred development requires that any party that forms the next government should not politicise but expedite the implementation process of decentralization policy and the decentralisation implementation plan.

3. Voters should pay particular attention to the position of Councillors and Members of Parliament, as these will be handling the responsibilities of local development for the next five years. Inappropriate leaders could fail to yield the intended goals of decentralization and development at the lower levels.

4. The next government should continue to appreciate the critical role of civil society in pro-poor development and to this effect recognise the efforts made and input of non state actors in the formulation of a long term plan, the Fifth National Development Plan (FNDP) for Zambia which is a viable vehicle for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. This should not be thrown out, but strengthened and implemented for the benefit of the population and the millions of people that live in unacceptable conditions.

5. Zambians have, over the years, gained a positive reputation in fiscal discipline. Continuity in this regard is essential, especially the prudent utilisation of public resources.

6. We call on the next Government to ensure the institutionalization of civil society participation in pro-poor policy processes.

Theresa Chewe, Vice Chairperson - CSPR Board of Directors

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